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FlowCycle is more than a workout-it’s a powerful mind-body-spirit experience. Fully immersed in the present moment and with zero distractions, we move to the rhythm of the music, encourage one another, and arise dripping with sweat -glowing, focused, and smiling with joy. The darkness, the sounds, and the energy take our minds into an optimal state of consciousness, allowing us to feel our best and perform at our best.


The people you love to hate.

Our unique motivators, leaders, achievers step onto the podium with their charismatic personality, contagious energy and authenticity to motivate, challenge and inspire you to go deeper— for 45 minutes and beyond. They will make you laugh, sweat, cry yet keep you coming back for more. They reshape lives, one ride at a time. Get ready for the ride of your life.

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Meet Chris, you may know him as FlowCycle’s Co-Founder and CEO but he is also our Master Instructor. Culling a reputation for being one of the most inspiring, challenging and addictive Master Instructors throughout Asia. He has featured as a star instructor in multiple magazine articles and has been a presenter at several seminars & workshops. His unparalleled work ethic dedicated towards helping change people’s lives in and out of the studio is incredible. He establishes trust and understanding with his riders which allows him to motivate them to push beyond any limitations and discover their inner athlete. Get ready for the ride of your life.


Originally from Hong Kong, with an English Background, Nick has multiple years of experience in the fitness industry. He specialises in Spinning, Personal Training, Group Fitness, and competing in professional Golf & OCR events. He loves challenging people mentally and physically, to get them striving for success and achieving greatness. He uses his background in competitive sports to inspire and motivate his riders to do the best they possibly can each time they step into class. Expect a challenging yet enjoyable class with jaw dropping playlists and an incredible atmosphere.


Emma is a South-African-British luxury professional with a passion for adventure and the pursuit of beauty. Emma believes spinning gives her the opportunity to practice mind-set training that she can then apply in her everyday life: determination, inner connectedness, focusing, self-expression and discovery of her strength. She believes that you always have more to give, she’ll help you dig deeper and find it. Once you’ve had a taste of her spiritual energy and smile inducing workouts, you’ll definitely be back for more.


Jennifer showcases a variety of musical genres in her classes — from Jazz to Modern Dance to todays top 40. She brings a vast amount of experience as she started her fitness journey 15 years ago. She’s been through multiple career changes and has travelled all around the world, she finally feels at home at FlowCycle. A Shanghainese native, she lives with her husband and two teenage kids, who are avid FlowCycle devotees. Her contagious smile and charisma will empower you to feel amazing after each and every class!


Originally from Montreal, Canada, Audrey has called Shanghai home for the past 5 years. A strong believer that fitness is a major component to overall wellness and life balance, she combines her love for movement, sweat, and a powerful beat into a high-energy classroom atmosphere. Audrey's classes will allow you to discover your strength, your passion for the beat and most importantly, your FLOW on and off of the bike.


FlowCycle goes way beyond the ride itself. We spared no detail in creating a best-in-class studio experience. Everything catered to activate your optimal state of consciousness, helping people to feel their best and perform their best.

Being part of our Flow community also means getting first dibs to our collection of workout wear—designed, developed, and will be tested entirely by our instructors for FlowCycle riders.

  • 大上海时代广场5F-L515
    5F, Shanghai Time Square
  • 3分钟步行至8号线 (大世界站)
    3 mins to line 8(Dashijie Station)
    5分钟步行至1号线 (黄陂南路站)
    5 mins to line 1(South Huangpi Station)
  • 上海市黄浦区淮海中路99号
    99 Huaihai Zhong Road

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